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The Egyptian geographic magazine

The author: Professor Yasser Metwally


The Egyptian geographic magazine is a slideshow-based digital publication that contains too may images and too little words because I always regarded pictures as pieces of information that are even more informative than words. This publication is about Egypt that will ultimately describe every thing about Egypt in photos rather than words. Images are grouped in flash-dependent slideshows to maximize the interest of the reader on one hand and the ease of use on the other hand. You need adobe flash player (which must be installed in your computer) to be able to play the slideshows. The downloadable version is a limited one and to keep this version as small as possible, it will not contains any more data, it contains only basic information (Click to download…44 MB). The CD-ROM version contains much more slideshows about Egypt than the downloadable one and it is free of charge and will always be. If you are interested to get your CD-ROM version, please contact the author.

The online version probably contains all slideshows present in the CD-ROM version and it is free of charge. However some slideshows that can not be played online are only present in the CD-ROM version.

Click to enlarge figure Figure 1. The Egyptian geographic Magazine

The Egyptian geographic magazine has three versions

1- An online version (Click to view)
2- A downloadable version (Click to download…44 MB)
3- The CD-ROM version

Both the Online version and the CD-ROM version are ever growing publications that is to say "more and more data and slideshows are added on regular basis". Please contact the author every few month to get the latest CD-ROM version of the publication, it is always free of charge.

Please note that The CD-ROM and the downloadable publications are supplied as is without any warranty whatsoever, either publications are not designed to fit any of your purposes or to meet any of your requirement. The downloadable version can be distributed free of charge without the need for any permissions.

Your opinion is very much important to me. Never hesitate to contact me for suggestions.
System requirement: Windows XP,VISTA,7 OR 8, with 1MB of RAM or more

The author
Professor Yasser Metwally

The online version | My web site | Email the author

March 2, 2013 - Posted by | Ancient Egyptian panorama, Arabic Egyptian panorama, Modern Egyptian panorama

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  1. Thank you so much – these are all wonderful!

    Comment by dianabuja | March 2, 2013 | Reply

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