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The founders of the pyramids

The author: Professor Yasser Metwally


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Figure 1. The great pyramids

1- King Khofo

    He is the king Khanoum Khofo the second king of the king of the fourth dynasty in the ancient state (2650 – 2150 B.C). He is founder of the greatest pyramids, which is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World. This pyramid was built to be a tomb for king Khofo ruled Egypt for twenty years. We get puzzled in front of this numerous efforts which established this huge building which is still amystery in these few years. The statues of king Khofo don’t exist any more except for an ivory one which is in the Egyptian museum.

khofo Figure 2. King Khofo the founder of the greatest pyramids

2- King Khafraa

    King Khafraa is the son of King Khofo He is the third king of the dynasty in the ancient estate. He is the founder of the second pyramid in the west south of the great pyramid. This pyramid is still keeping his fashion and design more than the great pyramid. The above part of its garment is still found up till now.King Khafraa took the responsibility of craving the statue of sphinx. There were two statues made form Dyewreat.

3- King Mankaraa

   King MankaRaa is the son of king Khafraa the fourth king of the dynasty in ancient Egypt. He is the founder of the third pyramid in the west- south of the above mentioned two pyramids. This pyramid is still keeping its garment which was made of granite. King Mankraa ruled Egypt more than twenty years. Two statues for Mankaraa and his wife were found in one bit of a normal size made of granite.

Slide show 1. The great pyramids


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