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Red sea fish: Bluespotted Grouper

The author: Professor Yasser Metwally


Bluespotted Grouper

Figure 1. Red sea fish: Bluespotted Grouper

Cephalopholis argus, also known as: Blue-spotted Grouper, Argus Grouper, Peacock Hind, or Peacock Rockcod is a fish from the Indo-Pacific which is a commercial gamefish and occasionally kept in marine aquariums.

  • Appearance

A medium sized fish that can reach a length of 60cm. It is typically brown with blue spots, and sometimes five or six vertical bars on the back half of its body.

  • In the aquarium

Cephalopholis argus is a hardy aquarium fish for those who have a large marine aquarium. Its large size combined with its aggressive nature means it is best housed either alone or with other large aggressive fish such as lionfish, and moray eels. As a predator it will eat any smaller aquarium inhabitants such as damselfish.

Bluespotted Grouper...Click to enlarge

Figure 2. Red sea fish: Bluespotted Grouper


November 24, 2009 - Posted by | Underwater photography

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