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Red sea fish: Amphiprion Bicinctus (clownfish)

The author: Professor Yasser Metwally


Amphiprion Bicinctus

Figure 1. Red sea fish: Amphiprion Bicinctus

The Red Sea (or two-banded) clownfish (or anemonefish’) (Amphiprion bicinctus, meaning "both sawlike with two stripes") is a clownfish of the family Pomacentridae.

  • Description

Length up to 14 cm, background colour yellow-orange with two black-edged white bands.

  • Distribution

Western Indian Ocean, the Red Sea, and the Chagos archipelago.

  • Habitat

Monogamous pairs inhabit host anemones, usually on coral reefs. Host species include Entacmaea quadricolor, Heteractis aurora, Heteractis crispa, Heteractis magnifica, and Stichodactyla gigantea.

Amphiprion Bicinctus... Click to enlarge

Figure 2. Red sea fish: Amphiprion Bicinctus


November 24, 2009 - Posted by | Underwater photography

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